Saturday, August 14, 2004


I've been thinking a lot lately about simplicity; wondering if there are ways that I can simplify my life. As I usually do when I'm wondering about something, I googled it. And I discovered a "movement" called Voluntary Simplicity. It's very interesting to me, and I'm in the process of discovering more about it, but I think the following sums it up pretty well:

"Voluntary simplicity calls into question North American society's tendency to equate money and material possessions with the good life. Proponents of simplicity as a way of life reject the notion that our life goal should be to amass as much material wealth and prestigious accomplishments as we possibly can. Their lifestyles tend to involve patterns of working less, wanting less and spending less...Living simply does not require adherence to a rigid set of rules, but rather it challenges the individual to live consciously and deliberately. Simplicity is not a destination. It is a life long journey that is not always easy, but ultimately deeply satisfying. "

Now, this "movement" is relatively new, having been formed within the last 10 years or so (according to what I've read). But it's funny to me how much of this "new" movment could actually be taken from the Bible. The biblical exhortation to not store up treasures on earth but instead to store up treasure in heaven seems to echo the main point of this movement - that life is not about amassing material wealth, but instead, it's about living the abundant life, the life that is filled with great non-material possessions - relationships, experiences, spiritual things.

I have so many more thoughts about this but am too tired to try and organize them tonight. (I've already spent too much time staring at my computer screen trying to figure out if I make sense!) Please feel free to comment on this subject....or any other that interests you!

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Anonymous said...

Interesting to me that people spend so much time trying to make their life so much more simple. Seems to me as though they are making it more difficult by "trying" to make it simple. What ever just happened to a breath of fresh air to feel pure contentment? -"That Lady"