Sunday, March 30, 2008

Long Run 16 km - 1 hour 49 min

Every long has its own personality. Last weekend I was all about the focusing and forgetting; focusing on my music, on a spot on the road a ways in front of me, on a daydream or rabbit trail of thoughts, anything to keep my mind from thinking about my sore body. At times I got so good at dissociating myself from my lower extremities that I had to actually look down and make sure I was still running and hadn't come to a standstill.
Today was just the opposite. I found my pulsing joints and sore feet became my companion as I ran. The pain was not something to be endured or forgotten or frustrated about, it was just a part of the experience. Today was also one of the first long runs I've done where I didn't get tired, which was encouraging. In the last 4 kms or so, I had to really pin it sometimes to get through an intersection before the light turned red, and it was nice to know that somewhere deep down there are reserves of energy that I can call on even after I've been running for well over an hour.
At one point as my hips were starting to seize a little, I thought about what I must look like, and pictured an arthritic chicken hobbling across a farmyard. I'm relatively sure that I didn't look quite that bad, but it made me smile nonetheless!
All in all, I think today's run was a success.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Wayback Track

Apparently I shouldn't have posted my previous entry so hastily. I just came across another band that I have vivid memories of - WhiteHeart! Oh how I loved them. Remember the concert at Elim, Sher? Remember Sing Your Freedom, Hotline, and Convertibles? It was one of my favorite concerts, made even more memorable because my big sister let me tag along with her and her friend!
I feel like I'm putting together the soundtrack of my teenage years.

The Good Old Days

I got an iTunes gift card for my birthday, and decided that I would try to find 20 different songs from 20 different artists previously unknown to me. In my searching I just stumbled onto a group that I listened to a lot growing up - the Christian rock band Guardian. Wow. Talk about stepping back in time. It brings to mind all the hours I spent listening to them on my first ghetto-blaster (back when it was still called that!)
Songs like Dr. Jones and the Kings of Rhythm, Never Say Goodbye, The Captain, Forever and a Day, You and I, C'Mon Everyone, Fire and Love, and Endless Summer were some of my favorites. (I'm not sure how many people would even recognize any of those songs, except maybe my brother-in-law.)
I may just have to add some of those to my $20 playlist.
Aaahh...sweet memories.

Long Run March 22 - 14 km

I got home from this weekend's long run a little while ago, and I'm feeling pretty good. The weather was about perfect - a little cool and breezy, with the sun peeking through the clouds just often enough to offer a little encouragement. The roads have dried up considerably in the last couple of weeks, making for a less stressful run. In fact, this is probably my first time out that I could classify it as a run - other times it was more of a shuffle, leap-frogging over frozen ground.
I felt fresh and motivated until about the 10k mark. This is usually where the hip pains start to set in, and they showed up right on time. However, this time I managed to figure out a way to focus and bring myself into a rhythm where the pains actually went away. (They were replaced shortly after with the irritation of a growing blister on my right foot - you win some, you lost some.) This was the first time I've taken along a bottle of Gatorade, and it definitely helped to keep my energy level up near the end. I even set a new time record for myself!
After a little stretching and a cold bath, a large helping of my sister's Easter bread, and a few lines of writing, I think I might be ready for a nap now.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Long Run 12 km

My mood yesterday during my long run reflected the weather like a mirror. I didn't feel particularly buoyant, but not overly bad either - just neutral. About 3/4 of the way through the run, I began to feel sore, and tired. I forgot how sore I get at distances over 10 km. It may be time to start the post-run ice baths! I need to do more running during the week so that next Sunday doesn't come as a shock.
Sometimes I wish I could carry a little recorder with me as I run, because I'm usually composing my blog entry out on the streets. By the time I get home it's lost some of it's oomph and I'm just glad to be off my feet. Hopefully the snow will continue to disappear this week, and my run next week will be on dry ground.


Thanks to my friends who made my birthday a fabulous day!

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Long Run - 10 km

Yesterday's long run was difficult. I was over-dressed. Hot. Tired. Frustrated. But I didn't get angry until an inconsiderate driver drenched me head to toe with muddy water that had pooled in the street. (At the moment of impact I confess to thinking many rather unkind things about the driver!) As a note to myself and all other motorists in this wet and wonderful season we're entering, if there is a huge puddle of water on the street, please slow down and/or move over if you can so as not to shower the pedestrian on the sidewalk.
Unfortunately the run didn't get any better, and I was splashed a couple more times. I really, really wanted to turn around and go home. At one point near the end of my run I had to turn in the opposite direction of home and start my last loop. I'm happy to say I didn't give in, if only for the satisfaction of being able to say it!
When all was said and done, I was happy to get home and cleaned up, with hopes that this week will be better.