Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Last Comic Standing

I watched Last Comic Standing tonight....Gary Gulman is definitely my favorite. If you know who that is. I don't actually know anyone else who has watched the show....
Stand up comedy can be so funny if it's done well, and his comedy draws on the everyday stuff that we can all relate to - plus it's clean!
Anyways, I suppose I should go do something productive now that I've maxed out my tv quota for the day!

three times a lady?
The thought process goes like this....Awhile back I bought a cd by FM Static . I quite like it, even if it is a little bit "high-schoolish." It's perfect car music - easy to remember lyrics and a quick beat. So they have this one song The Notion. And in this song are the lyrics, "1,2,3 times a lady" and for some reason that line always stuck in my head.
Flash to Canadian Idol. This week they will be doing songs by Lionel Ritchie, who at one point sang a song called Three Times a Lady with the Commodores.
Lionel Ritchie meets FM Static?? Hmmm....strange.
Ok, so that's my thought. Not quite as interesting now that I've put it down in black and white. But we'll run with it, cause that's all I have for now :-)
Good Night, and Happy Tuesday

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