Sunday, August 22, 2004

Desk Drawer

In the first chapter of the book, True to Form, by Elizabeth Berg, the main character ( a 13 yr old girl) is describing all the things she has in her desk drawer. One of the last things on her list is a box of crayons.

I have a box of crayons that I intend never to use, I just like to look at them all perfect and read the names of the colors out loud, and I like to smell them deep, like I smell the test papers at school that have just come off the mimeograph machine.

And then she says something that I can totally relate to:

Sometimes I think, what if I died and someone looked in my drawer? I wonder what they would understand about me. Probably not so much - for one thing, they would get the crayons wrong. I think, actually, that none of us understands anyone else very well, because we're all too shy to show what matters the most. If you ask me, it's a major design flaw. We ought to be able to say, Here, look what I am. I think it would be quite a relief.

So true...

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