Tuesday, August 17, 2004

2lb Smoothie

2lb Smoothie

When I get home from work each day, usually around 4:45, I like to fix myself a snack. Often the snack of choice is chips, which I know, require little "fixing." But on occasion, like today, I prefer to make a smoothie. Now, smoothie-making is an interesting process. For me, anyway. You throw in the frozen fruit (a la Costco), and you use the "pulse" feature to chop it up into little bits. Usually there are no problems at this point. In fact, it may bring back memories of cruising on 8th St, revving your engine at the lights, knowing that you can beat that Chevette off the line at the first hint of green. (Or not. Probably not. Probably that's just me. And it's not even really me, cause I've never dragged on a public street.) Anyways, the pulse feature is fun. Then you throw in a little yogurt, and juice and commence the mixing. There are a few key things to pay attention to when using your blender. When it starts to whine like an engine that's red-lining, it's reasonable to think that something might be stuck. If so, open up the top and giving it all a good stir with the wooden spoon. Additionally, a faint burning electrical smell indicates that the blender needs a rest, so why don't you just pop off that top and do a little manual "blending." Replace top. Wait a few seconds. Commence mixing. Stop when you hear a ringing in your ears, signally another go-around with the spoon. Repeat several times. When it's just about done, add the ice cream. What's a frozen treat that doesn't involve ice cream? Give it an initial stir and finish up your blending. (I sometimes wonder if it wouldn't be easier to just chop up the fruit and then mix the rest by hand.) Voila! Your cold, fruity, treat! Thick and yummy. I like my smoothies thick, which is good, because that seems to be the only way I can make them!

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Hey Carmen, good job with the blog. At this point I would like to suggest you taking a visit to either Booster juice or Orange julius. Very tasty, user friendly and safe... or just promise to be careful with that blender. blessings... (Ryan)