Sunday, February 20, 2005


So I decided awhile back that I would start scrapbooking again. I bought an album and some paper and was so excited! That was about 2 months ago. I finally started my album last night. Sort of. My sister invited me to go with her to a local store that offers "Late Night Crop" - they have a room in the back that stays open till midnight, and anyone can come and scrapbook there, using their tools and such. So I dragged Nicole along with me, and off we went. As it turned out, I spent all of my time there wandering the store and picking out paper, trying to formulate my ideas. Nicole made one very nice page, and my sister made 2 or 3.
I think my problem may have been just a little intimidation. It seems there is this whole scrapbooking subculture that I was unaware of. Almost all of the women in the room had these giant scrapbooking-suitcases-on-wheels full of paper, tools, pictures, etc. And here I was with my plastic bag containing a few pictures, some paper, and an album.
However, I had another go at it tonight, in the comfort of my own home, and voila! I have completed my first page. (In just a few short hours, to boot.)
You can check out my first page here, as well as viewing Nicole's first two pages. Thus, my scrapbooking journey has begun...

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