Thursday, February 03, 2005

The Conversation That Almost Happened

It still makes me laugh. Yesterday my friend Kyla called. I was in my bedroom, where I do have a phone, but the call display was not working. As per usual, I waited until the answering machine clicked on and the caller started leaving a message. (Yes, I do screen my calls. Diligently.) So the machine clicks on and Kyla starts leaving a message. I think "Yay! My friend is calling" so I pick up the phone. And here's where it starts to get fuzzy...I mean funny.
I say "Hello" and she says "Hi it's Kyla" and we start having a conversation about our upcoming Valentine's Day party. She suggests that we go to a movie after supper and I agree wholeheartedly. This carries on for a minute or so until she says something very strange - "So anyways, call me back when you get this. Bye."
Then I realize that we were not having a conversation at all. She was in fact still leaving a message because when I picked up the phone, it did not disconnect the answering machine (like it usually does)! It just so happened that she paused in all the right places to accommodate my end of the "conversation."
So I guess I need to call her back now, seeing as we didn't actually talk the other day. (Much as I thought we had.)

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