Monday, September 27, 2004

Pure Delight

For a Monday, it's been pretty good. I got home from work and decided to try some more Fall photography in the park behind my house. And everything just worked. The sun was blazing, and the leaves were pure gold. I found some images that I loved; some that I looked for and some that just materialized in front of me. (Like the ducks swimming in the lake.)

There are times when photography just sweeps me away. When I see everything around me through a lens, and it all looks like magic. Those moments are joy and happiness in it's purest form. When you wouldn't change even the tiniest thing, because at that moment, everything seems perfect.

That was the kind of photography moment I had today. So of course I needed to finish off my film (only 2 pics left!) so that I could take it in to London Drugs tonight and get it developed. I used the last 2 frames for a still-life and an abstract pic at home. And I have to confess, I was so excited to get my pictures developed that I could hardly sit still in my car on the way to the store! Like a kid at Christmas...

Alas, I will not be able to pick up the photos until tomorrow, as they were already full for tonight. Sigh.....

So I settled for buying a book :-)

And that was my fantabulous photography day. I'll let you know tomorrow how the pictures turned out.

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