Friday, September 24, 2004

Fabulous Fall Foliage

Fabulous Fall Foliage

Aahhh...Autumn. The trees are awash in color, longing to be photographed. So out I went, in search of stunning Fall photos. With my camera bag strapped to my back, I hopped on my bike and took a tour of the neighbourhood. I started with the wonderful park behind my apartment complex, and found one shot along the bike path. Lying on my back, looking up through the lens, I captured this tall golden tree, flanked by the tops of two evergreens. With such a promising start, I carried on to a few more parks across the way. Alas, I was only to find one photo tonight. The sun was almost a bit too bright, and washed out the colors a bit. (Although I'm not complaining about the gorgeous weather we had today!)

I decided to check out my favorite spot next - the grasslands. I love to hike and take pictures out there, but hadn't been there yet this year. (That I can recall, anyway). I figured that with so many different kinds of trees and grasses it would yield at least a few amazing shots.
Well. It was not exactly the picture-paradise I'd been hoping for. Rather, it was bug central. So here's me, walking down the skinny paths waving my arms like a windmill, mouth clenched tight lest I swallow a swarm of flies, barely even noticing the beautiful riverside scenery. Needless to say, my hike did not last too long.

And now I am home. I hope to go out again tomorrow, perhaps into some of the older neighborhoods, to photograph this city that is daily changing. Today it is greens and yellows and reds, tomorrow browns, until the snow-white of winter covers the land...

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