Saturday, March 22, 2008

Wayback Track

Apparently I shouldn't have posted my previous entry so hastily. I just came across another band that I have vivid memories of - WhiteHeart! Oh how I loved them. Remember the concert at Elim, Sher? Remember Sing Your Freedom, Hotline, and Convertibles? It was one of my favorite concerts, made even more memorable because my big sister let me tag along with her and her friend!
I feel like I'm putting together the soundtrack of my teenage years.

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Kelvin & Sherry said...

I do remember that concert! Since Kel has put all his music on his mp3, and we can access all of that with the stereo in the car, we have had many good drives to the city listening to all those good ol' tunes. N&T like it too. Old DC Talk stuff seems to be their favorites!