Sunday, March 30, 2008

Long Run 16 km - 1 hour 49 min

Every long has its own personality. Last weekend I was all about the focusing and forgetting; focusing on my music, on a spot on the road a ways in front of me, on a daydream or rabbit trail of thoughts, anything to keep my mind from thinking about my sore body. At times I got so good at dissociating myself from my lower extremities that I had to actually look down and make sure I was still running and hadn't come to a standstill.
Today was just the opposite. I found my pulsing joints and sore feet became my companion as I ran. The pain was not something to be endured or forgotten or frustrated about, it was just a part of the experience. Today was also one of the first long runs I've done where I didn't get tired, which was encouraging. In the last 4 kms or so, I had to really pin it sometimes to get through an intersection before the light turned red, and it was nice to know that somewhere deep down there are reserves of energy that I can call on even after I've been running for well over an hour.
At one point as my hips were starting to seize a little, I thought about what I must look like, and pictured an arthritic chicken hobbling across a farmyard. I'm relatively sure that I didn't look quite that bad, but it made me smile nonetheless!
All in all, I think today's run was a success.

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