Monday, February 18, 2008

3rd Long Run - 9 km

I set out today with a little trepidation. Nine kilometres. A new distance for me. After a few technical difficulties (with the watch and ipod), I was on my way. The first leg of my run was into the wind, so I started off pretty slow. I got hot quickly and wished that I hadn't worn my balaclava. Thankfully I had my music to distract me, and to keep me from thinking about my rising temperature. (When the wind picked up later, I was thankful for it.) I got a second, third, and fourth wind just when I needed it and felt my spirits picking up as I ran. Music and running are two of the things I can count on to restore my optimism.
Today's effort was an interesting combination of running/scrambling/shuffling over the various terrain. I happened to map out a route that didn't have sidewalks the whole way, so I had to pick my footing carefully in some spots. Although I look forward to running with lighter clothing and on dry streets, summer running isn't quite as interesting as it is in the winter.
(side note: apparently I'm not recognizable as a female in my balaclava and all-black running duds, as some guy called out to me as I passed - "Hey, buddy! Hey! Buddy!" I didn't stop to see what he wanted, but smiled to myself and carried on.)
When I rounded the corner for home, I checked my watch and did an internal fist-pump as the time was better than I was expecting. Good times.

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