Sunday, August 30, 2009

People You Should Know 08.30.2009

I would like to take this time to introduce you to the people on my blogroll. Some of them are friends and family. Some are strangers whose lives I feel suspiciously familiar with, in that internet kind of way.

Family & Friends
roses in my heart - my friend Sherri. Makes beautiful cards and other paper crafts.
the angry turtle - my friend Coralee. Amazing sewing talent.
the prairie penguin - my sister. Family blogger. Incredible mom to 3 incredible kids.

Writers & Other Artsy Folk
kelly rae roberts - mixed media artist & writer. Author of Taking Flight.
schmutzie - Regina writer. One of the best Saskatchewan blogs I've come across.
superhero journal - friend of kelly rae. Writer. One of the founders of the Mondo Beyondo e-course.

These people inspire me. I read their words for encouragement, challenge, affirmation, and entertainment. If you have a minute, you should check them out.


Coralee said...

blush blush! Thanks for the mention on your blog.

robin bird said...

thank you for your wonderfully generous comment on my blog today Carmen! i feel honored that you so enjoyed your visit :)

you have actual family and real live friends who blog?! why that is remarkable! i have never met anyone in my actual life, (in person life) who currently blog or have any desire to blog or appreciate blogs. so i do not have a list of "people to meet" under the family/friend category. i did enjoy clicking the links of some of the suggestions you made..and then followed some of their links..and on and on it goes. i am going to read your write up on Schmutzie after i make this comment.....
have a good week!

robin bird said...

ok. hold on. i see i made a mistake and it was LA BELETTE ROUGE who wrote over at Schmutzie's blog. see! i told you i was click, click clicking on your links and their links.. i must have gotten dizzy!