Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Cheap Seat Review: Year One

You think you'd be safe with a $2 movie. Even if it's not great, it's probably good enough to warrant $2 and a couple hours of your time, right?
Not so.
Year One is a vulgar, unfunny, film that is trying very hard to be a comedy but just can't pull it off. Most of the jokes are in poor taste, and there are scenes that made me turn away in disgust. There is no scenario in which beating a man to death with a rock is funny.
Although I don't mind Jack Black and Michael Cera, this movie is an unfortunate mess with no redeeming qualities.

Rating: Save It

*Save It = Keep your $2. Your time and money would be better spend elsewhere
*Spend It = Worth a couple bucks and a few hours of your time.


Coralee said...

What a great public service you are offering! lol Love it!

Saskboy said...

Neat idea. I have a Rainbow Cinema in my city too.
This is a similar blog in Regina