Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Adventures of Gym Girl - Discovering New Muscles

I went to my first weight-training class on Monday, and I'm still feeling the effects of it. My hamstrings got the worst of it so I decided to put some Rub A535 on them last night. Expired A535 I should add. And I learned a valuable lesson - expiry dates mean something, even if it's not food. Not a minute had passed after I put the cream on, and I started to feel a peculiar burning sensation on the backs of my legs. "Oh that just means it's working," I thought to myself. A few more seconds though, and it felt like my skin was going to start peeling off. It got a little better after a few rounds with a cold washcloth, but I fell asleep trying to figure out how I was going to drive myself to the doctor's office the next day (to check out what was surely a monstrous rash from the cream) if I couldn't sit down.
As it turned out, everything was fine this morning, but my hamstrings remain rather sore.

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