Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I finally did it...

Tonight I went to my first class at a gym. I've always kind of wanted to join a gym and take some classes, but was too intimidated by all the machines and fit-looking people. I just wrote myself off as "not a gym kind of person." Except now I am.

I have a 2-week free pass for Mawson Health & Fitness, and their ads on the radio make their classes sound like so much fun, so tonight I went.

I got there too early and was wondering how to use up my time without standing around looking like the awkward girl I felt like. So I changed very slowly and then discovered that my lock didn't fit the locker. It was too big! You'd think these things would be standard sizes. So I changed back into my street clothes and put my valuables back in my car, deciding just to leave my clothes in an unlocked locker. I guess if someone needed clothes badly enough to steal my 5-year-old jeans and smelly socks, they are welcome to them.

That wasted just enough time, so I went and stood in the hall with some other girls to wait for the earlier class to finish.

When our turn came I realized that I didn't know how to adjust my bike and the instructor wasn't around...so I just guessed at where things should be positioned (wrongly, as it turns out).

And then it began.

Oh did I sweat. I'm generally not a very sweaty person, but I had it streaming down my face and we were only 20 min into the 60 min class. In fact, by the time we were done my hair had taken on a decidedly frizzy look from the humidity cloud I apparently generated during the ride. After class the instructor showed me how to adjust my bike, and I think it will be a little more comfortable next time. :-)

I realized, as I looked around at the class, that these people are just like me. Some a little more fit, and some a little less. And I felt like I could belong there.

Aside from a sore foot that has been bothering me lately, I feel good. We'll see how things go tomorrow.

And I'll be back. Cause I'm a gym girl now.

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the prairie penguin said...

Ummm, is gym girl still running girl too? Cause come summer, I'm gonna need my running partner back!!

Good for you for overcoming your fears and discovering your thoughts were for the most part, misconceptions.