Monday, October 06, 2008


Every now and then I get an idea that I think is a good the time. Like when I suggested taking Isabelle with us on our Saturday morning Tim Horton's run. Not so fun. Ever since a traumatic car experience on the way back from Calgary, Izzy is not fond of car rides and ended up hyperventilating on the way back from Tim Hortons.

So why I thought she would like a little kitten for company, I'm not sure. But think it I did, and even more, I went out and adopted a 10 week old, grey kitty yesterday from Street Cat Rescue. Oh, and Nicole got one too.

Yes, that's right, 2 more kittens. Both grey. They are brother and sister and stick to each other like glue so we didn't want to separate them.

They're adorable and have been raised around animals, so they're fine with Isabelle. However, Isabelle is not fine with them. She's experiencing quite a lot of distress over other animals being in the house, so I'm not actually sure that we'll be able to keep the new kitties.

However, here are a couple of pics of the newbies.


Sherri said...

Oh poor Izzy!

...the new kittens are cute, but poor girl!

the Fehrs said...

WHAT?? It's thursday today, and I have not heard anything about this?? Well, welcome to the family little kitties! Izzy will adapt, she just needs time. Can hardly wait to meet them!