Thursday, March 31, 2005

Stop and Take Notice

Note to self: When you happen across a good quote in a book, write it down so that later you don't have to go and re-check the book out of the library and spend hours (or what seemed like it) flipping page by page through the book to find it again. Because once you think about the quote, and the fact that you forgot to write it down, then you must go and find it. Or maybe that's just me. Most probably the latter.

So here's the quote I had just about given up finding. It's not even so much a "quote" as it is a thought that popped out from the page; a thought that struck a chord; that made me want to remember it.

"One thing that leads a person to poetry is an inner life of some activity - often even turbulence. There is a weight of emotion, a burden of feeling that has to come out."
- from the Vinyl Cafe: Unplugged by Stuart McLean

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