Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Adventures on Two Wheels

In the middle of reflecting that I'd yet to be caught in the rain on my daily ride to and from work, I was hit with a big, fat raindrop. My first thought was to put the pedal to the metal, so to speak, and get home before...what? Before I got wet? Because being wet is...not good?

I decided to enjoy the rain instead, smiling at the man & his son who pulled up beside me at the lights on their motorbike. Like we were in this crazy situation together.

"You're getting rained on too, hey?" Smile and shake of the head.

I was almost a little disappointed when I rode out from under the cloud. Riding home in a downpour would have made a much more entertaining blog entry. And made me feel just a little more like a hardcore biker.

Although cyclist is probably a more accurate term.

If I was honest, I'd admit that I'm proud of the slash of grease on my leg that I arrive home with almost daily. (Compliments of the generous Bike Doctor mechanics who tuned up my bike.)
I might even take a picture of it.

I've finally found some routes that I like to and from work. They're not the same, because although I enjoy crossing the Broadway bridge on my way to work, it's not so fun to have to ride across the other direction.

In fact, the bridge is one of my favorite segments of the ride to work. On my first day biking, I realized a little too late that the walkway on the north side of the bridge was closed, and I didn't want to go back to the lights and cross to the other side. So I waited for the lights at the top to turn red, leaving a significant gap in traffic, and I hightailed it across in the driving lane.

I have never gone that fast on my bike before. Oh my goodness! So much fun, I decided to go that way every morning.

I've tried a variety of options for the home route, but most of them involve me huffing and puffing and pedaling crazily in an oxygen-deprived state as I try to crest the hill at the top of Sask Crescent and Broadway. Today I discovered that using University bridge is a much more enjoyable option.

Riding my bike to work is becoming second nature, and on the days I drive I feel sluggish and slow, aware that there is a much better way to get from A to B.

Here's to early morning rides in the fresh air, and starting out the day with a smile on your face.


Mauricio said...

I've got to agree with you, motorbikes are the only way to travel and the rain only enhances the experience! You might want to have a look at http://exchangeandmart.co.uk if you fancy being tempted by a range of used motorbikes or need parts for your bike. Keep up the good work.

Saskboy said...

In the warmer months while I lived in Saskatoon, I exclusively biked to work from Sutherland to the UofS.

My uncle in part inspired me to do so, although last week he had a bike accident of some sort and broke his collar bone.

Carmen Klassen said...

Saskboy - I know somebody at work who broke their collar bone in a bike accident recently as well. It's a good reminder to ride safely and pay attention, I guess. Thanks for your comment.

Saskboy said...

Is it the Star Phoenix by chance?

Carmen Klassen said...

Yes, I do work at the StarPhoenix.

Saskboy said...

Then you know my uncle, who broke his collar bone.