Monday, November 12, 2007

What Good Novels Are Made Of

A dose of good story-telling
A heaping spoonful of interesting characters: Anouk, Zozie, Vianne, Pantoufle, Roux, and more
A pinch of fairytale magic
A generous helping of happily-ever-after
Enough grey sky to make you appreciate the sun
Chocolate, to taste

I recently finished reading The Lollipop Shoes, by Joanne Harris. It was fantastic. No commentary on current events or the social issues of today. It wasn't about families falling apart, nor was it a "coming-of-age" story (because there are way too many of these already). It is a fairytale. There is magic and fancy shoes; imaginary friends and hidden pasts; a knight in not-so-shining armour and a girl who needs rescuing. Most of all, there is chocolate. And Paris. And well-crafted sentences that delight the intellectual palate. was good.

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Anonymous said...

Okay- you have my interest totally piqued. Mostly because it involves chocolate- and I'm trying, but not always succeeding, to fast from all refined sugar goodies. If I can't have it, at least I should be able to read about it! Actually, I read yesterday that pure chocolate--like 70% cocoa, has amazing health benefits. In small doses, of course. I think I may cut out the article, and laminate it! :) Love your new look for your blog. Thanks for writing--it's always a treat--kind of like chocolate!!

Love you~