Monday, May 09, 2005

The Artist

I was recently in Victoria, BC for a weekend, and I had the chance to wander around downtown, going here and there and wherever my heart desired. I happened upon a craft market that stretched for several blocks, and was filled with an amazing assortment of crafts, artwork, jewelry, soaps, woodwork, gadgets, books, and just about anything a person could think of. It was all very good quality, and I had the fortune of speaking with some of the people selling their wares. While they were all very interesting, one in particular stood out to me. He is a Metis artist who rendered some of the best pencil drawings I have ever seen. The detail and life in the pictures at first had me believing they were photos. Upon closer inspection I could see that they were indeed drawings. The artist was quite a quiet man, and was drawing a new picture as he sat by his kiosk. He spoke fondly of the people in his pictures, both those historical figures and those still alive. I regret not having bought a picture, and if I am ever back in Victoria I hope that he will be there again, selling his art.

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