Thursday, January 27, 2005


I attended a membership meeting tonight at my church. It was so great! I met some very friendly people and learned a few things about the Free Methodist denomination; but most importantly I found where I belong. With every passing minute I felt a growing desire to belong to this church, this particular group of people. They are people I can learn from; people I can grow alongside, and minister with. Their vision and mission inspire me. I haven't felt "at home" in a church since I moved to Saskatoon 6 years ago. You know, that comfortableness of knowing where things are, having people to sit with Sunday morning, being involved in the goings-on of the church, feeling like you are an integral part of the ministry.
I know all I've done so far is attended one meeting, but it feels like I'm on the edge of something great! Praise God! He is patient and wise, and leads us into good things.

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